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Ramsey Conveyor Protection Switches

Kategori : Conveyor Belt Scales and Monitoring Equipment

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Belt Misalignment Switch (Runoff Switch)

  • Used to monitor the position and tracking of conveyor belts
  • Mounts on the conveyor structure and adjusts so the roller arm is the proper distance and angle from the outside edge of the belt
  • When a belt drifts out of alignment it contacts the roller actuator arm which rotates the actuation shaft, causing the belt misalignment switch to send an alarm signal

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Safety Cable Pull Switch (Pull Cord Switch)

  • Used as an emergency shutdown device for conveyors or other equipment
  • Meets OSHA and MSHA requirements for safety shutdown devices
  • Safety pull cables are attached to the actuating arm of the switch
  • When force is applied to the pull cable it rotates the actuating arm and actuating shaft
  • At a 20° rotation the switch enters a tripped and locked position
  • The actuating shaft has two cams inside the housing; each cam simultaneously actuates an independent SPDT micro-switch for shutdown and alarm signals

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Tripper Position Switch

  • Heavy-duty limit switch
  • Often used to indicate the position of a tripper on a conveyor with multiple discharge points
  • Can be used anywhere an extremely heavy duty limit switch with physical activation is needed

Agency Approvals: Models with CSA approval for Class II, division 1 & 2, groups E, F, and G are available

Specifications for Ramsey Conveyor Switches
Outputs Two SPDT contacts rated for 10A 480V
Temperature -45 to +80°C (-50 to +176°F)
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4 weatherproof (Optional NEMA 4X)
Conduit Openings Up to three, threaded 3/4-14 NPT (optional dia. 20 mm x 1.5 metric threads)
Actuating Arm Adjustments +22.5° increments from vertical
Actuating Force (ROS) 2.27 kg (5 lb)
Spacing (SPS) Recommended 30 m (100 ft) switch spacing and cable supports every 3 m (10 ft ); maximum spacing of 60 m (200 ft ) on horizontal conveyors and 45 m (150 ft) on inclined conveyors
Pull Force Rating (SPS) 3.63 kg (8 lb) to 8.16 kg (18 lb)

Cat. No.Description
10144031 Conveyor Protection Switches