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Single Roll Crushers

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Pennsylvania Crusher builds three models of single roll crushers: the Hercules, the Atlas, and the Type K.  The Type K Single Roll Crusher is suited for the size reduction of material having a compression strength of 8,000 p.s.i. or less. Such materials typically include coal, petroleum coke, lignite and other friable materials.  The Hercules and Atlas models are suited for materials with higher compressive strength.

Single Roll Crusher Features

Easily fits into tight places - all of the single roll crusher models have a low profile, also referred to as "low head-room", and are  relatively  compact. This enables them to be installed under dump hoppers and in other areas having limited space.

Choke-Feeding or Conventional Feeding  - Once they reach operating speed, all three single roll crusher models  may be choke-fed from hoppers or they may befed at continuous, controlled rates  from vibratory screens, apron feeders or belts.

Major Components of the Single Roll Crusher

Breaker Plate Assembly - This assembly is formed by attaching curvedwear-resistant, steel breaker plates to a rugged frame formed of structural steel shapes.

Roll Assembly - The roll is fabricated as a single piece, with the teeth being integral. This is far superior to designs where the teeth are mechanically attached because Pennsylvania's method eliminates any chance of the teeth coming loose from the roll and causing damage within the crushing chamber.