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Reversible Hammermills for Coal

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This reversible hammermill crushes fuel and limestone for fluid bed boiler operations and is also used for many other minerals in various industries. It is well suited for power plant service from the standpoint of economy, performance and maintenance. While its cost of ownership is far less than one might expect of a reversible hammermill, its ability to crush coal, sorbents and other minerals is comparable to crushers that are far more costly.

Major Advantages of the Reversible Hammermill

The Reversible Hammermill crushing chamber is symmetrical and the rotor assembly is reversible. In effect, this provides two distinct crushing zones, enabling you to crush on one side or the other by simply reversing the motor.

Regular reversal of the rotor produces uniform wear on both working faces of the hammer, keeping its edges sharp and producing a consistently uniform output size. The need to shut down and manually turn hammers as required of one-way crushers is eliminated.

Reversible Hammermill Standard Features

  • Reversible rotor assembly
  • Alloy forged steel hammers
  • Alloy steel breaker plates (dual sets)
  • Alloy scrubber and screen bars or plates (dual sets)
  • Both sides of unit open fully for complete access to the crushing chamber
  • Product size maintenance and wear compensation via cage adjustment
  • Tramp iron pocket


  • Hydraulic door assembly