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Posimetric Positive Displacement Feeder

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Positive Displacement technology solves material handling challenges where access is difficult, when down time for maintenance is costly, and where accurate feed is most critical.

Pennsylvania Crusher’s Posimetric feeders are found in demanding environments such as power plants and cement plants around the world.

Positive Displacement feeding technology has been proven with a variety of materials such as coal, limestone, culm, dry chemicals, biomass, crushed stone, shale, sand, roofing granite, wood chips, cereals and grain.

The Posimetric Feeder advantages:

  • A level of trouble-free operation unknown with ordinary feeders
  • Plugging and downtime are virtually a thing of the past
  • Only a single moving part
  • Maintenance is almost non-existent; this feeder has no belts and requires almost no attention
  • Reliably accurate and exceptionally constant feed rates
  • Not subject to feed rate error due to varying moisture levels in the feed material