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This rugged Coalpactor model has compiled an extensive performance record within the power industry. It is highly effective for the size reduction of coals and ideally suited for fluid bed boiler plants. The Coalpactor's popularity is the result of its ability to maintain top size and provide low cost-per-ton crushed while keeping fines at a minimum.

Coal Pactor Design Concept

The crushing chamber is formed by a pair of curved breaker plate assemblies on opposite sides of the rotor assembly. This rotor assembly includes several rows of forged steel swing hammers.

The rotor is reversible, enabling the operator to change its direction. This equalizes wear on the opposite face of the hammer and maintains maximum sharpness.

Coal Pactor Basic Crushing Function

As material enters the crusher chamber, it is struck in mid-air by the hammers. Size reduction occurs at this stage by what is termed "Free-air impact." 

Coal Pactor Advantages

  • Lower cost-per-ton-crushed than comparable crushers
  • Lower horse power demand than comparable crushers
  • Control over product size
  • Little or no loss of capacity or crushing efficiency when crushing high moisture content materials
  • Less chance of damage to the crusher from uncrushables.
  • Hammers normally last longer than in crushers with grates.