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The unique design of the Pennsylvania® Clinker Crusher represents a major improvement in this technology and offers unique advantages over ordinary clinker grinders - advantages that save you considerable time and money.

Advantages of the Pennsylvania Clinker Crusher Design

The development of an improved clinker crusher is in keeping with PCC's mission of providing the power industry and others with equipment that is more reliable, more cost effective and easier to maintain.

  • Saves energy and reduces wear - no grinding of the ash requires less energy
  • Protection from leaks - improved patented seal arrangement
  • Shorter down time - faster, easier inspection and service
  • More powerful and efficient crushing action - special tooth pattern with a greater number of crushing points delivers greater peak crushing forces.
  • Roll shaft has a square cross section - better torque distribution enables the shaft to withstand deflection better.
  • Bearing protected from water seepage - water has a harmless pathway out of the unit
  • Bearing mounts - minimizes shaft deflection
  • Roll Shell - the small size of radial segments makes them easier to handle and install
  • Roll Segments - can be reversed at their half-life to ensure full use
  • Frame Wear-Protection - the frame is equipped with hard alloy liners, mounted on  end-plates at each end of the roll.