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The CR Series Cage Mill satisfies the requirements of operators for a mill that is more efficient to operate and that overcomes the drawbacks inherent to ordinary designs. These cage mills may be operated in open or closed circuit and will crush a wide variety of materials. PCC can supply the cages with impact sleeve spacing suitable for fine, medium, or coarse output sizes. 

CR Series Cage Mills reduce materials purely by impact. The bottom of the mill is open so that all material discharges freely, reducing horsepower requirements and limiting wear on all crushing components.

All cages are fabricated  with abrasion resistant steel which PCC machines to exact tolerances. This prevents distortion of the cage and avoids the balancing problems inherent with the traditional hardfacing methods.

An Easier to Install Cage Mill

Both drive motors are on one side of the unit, opposite the feed side. This means that the motors are out of the way when inspecting or servicing the mill and also simplifies installation wiring.

Cage Mill Operation

Materials are fed through an integral feed chute directly into the center of the innermost cage. The reduction process begins here as the material is impacted by the innermost cage which scatters the shattered particles randomly. The particles are then struck by the subsequent cage rows before exiting. Upon exiting, material impacts against the breaker plates that line the crusher chamber and then discharges through the bottom of the mill.