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Bradford Breakers are used for crushing, sizing, and cleaning of run-of-mine coal and other friable materials. They are used to produce a product that is relatively coarse, with minimum fines, and that is 100% to size.

Originally introduced by Pennsylvania Crusher in 1905, this proven design has undergone many important improvements, while retaining the original functions of both sizing run-of-mine coal and removing debris at the same time.

The ability of Pennsylvania Bradford Breakers to do this over decades of service has been the primary reason that they are the most widely accepted such machines in use. Units more than fifty-years old are still in regular service today.

On all models, maintenance costs are surprisingly low. Pennsylvania Bradford Breakers function for years with few servicing requirements other than periodic lubrication and inspection.

PCC offers installation, supervision and training. Also, every breaker is supported by a highly responsive parts and service team that is always available to render assistance and answer your questions.