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Cage-Paktor® Cage Mill

Kategori : Cage Paktor

Cage-Paktor® Cage Mill Designed for Lowest Product Oversize, Highest Product Yield and Best Crushing Efficiency

How Gundlach's Easy Maintenance, Energy Efficient Cage-Paktor Cage Mill Reduces 100 mm Feeds to 2 mm Product and Makes More Product in Your Specified Size Range

Two factors affect impact crushing -- the mass of the particle and the velocity at which the particle is hit. The Cage-Paktor utilizes multiple rows of impact bars to offer selective stages of impact reduction. The beauty of the Cage-Paktor is its simplicity -- operating speed (rpm) is the only factor that affects product size.

Screenless Impactor Crushes Only Over-Size Material, Lets Right-Size Material Pass

The economical Cage-Paktor features an impactor design that needs no screens. It is designed to crush only the over-size material, saving on horsepower and energy use.

Material enters directly into the Cage-Paktor's center through the low-friction inlet chute. Only particles large enough in mass are affected as they pass through the counter-rotating cages.

Already-to-size particles produced from previous stages of reduction are not reduced; therefore, less fines are created.

Meanwhile, the multiple stages of crushing inside the Cage-Paktor minimize product oversize, achieving greater crushing efficiency and producing more product in the size range desired.

Patented Striking Plate Design

Patented striking plate prevents change of product size, making adjustments for wear unnecessary.

The replaceable "wrap-around" striking plate design offers increased tonnage life plus wear protection to the structural members. Striking plates are replaceable without dismantling any other components.

The wrap-around striking plate design also protects the structure.

Constant Material Processing Control

With its unique cage mill design, Cage-Paktor controls the path of material as it passes through the multiple stages of impact. Gundlach's patented striking plate design maintains correct product size during the life of the plates.

The illustration shows multiple rows of impact plates (gray) that are mounted on counter-rotating elements (orange and blue).

Since adjustments for wear are unnecessary, you maintain constant processing control with a level of consistent product output previously unattainable.

Exclusive Shaft-Within-a-Shaft Design Makes for Small Footprint and Easy Maintenance

Shaft-Within-a-Shaft design makes the Cage-Paktor an exceptionally compact cage mill. 

In addition to taking up less floor space, this exclusive design keeps the motor(s) to one side, making the Cage-Paktor the industry's easiest-maintenance cage mill.

The swing-away door opens without removing any components and gives immediate cage access.

Overhead cranes and extra help are eliminated with an optional jib crane, as pictured on the right. 

With these features Gundlach's Cage-Paktor is the first cage mill to make cage replacement fast and easy. Only Gundlach's exclusive cage mill design saves you hours of labor for drive removal, realignment and set up.

Typical Cage-Paktor Cage Mill Applications

  • Coal for coke oven feed
  • Coke breeze for sinter fuel
  • Calcined petroleum coke
  • Metallurgical coal to free sulfur
  • Limestone for ag lime
  • Trap rock for roofing granules
  • Coal refuse prior to pumping
  • Potash ore to flotation
  • Compacted potash flake
  • Phosphate tailings
  • Gypsum
  • Stone sand
  • Coal middlings for ash and sulfur separation
  • Coal for fuel injection into blast furnaces
  • Coal for cyclone boiler feed
  • Coal for pipeline feed
  • Closely sized fine limestone for poultry feed supplement and glass manufacture
  • Coke breeze for recycle to coke ovens
  • Calcined anthracite  
  • Refractory materials
  • Lightweight aggregates
  • Sintered fly ash
  • Slags
  • Iron ores
  • Glass sand
  • Tailings
  • Metal bearing ores
  • Fertilizer
  • Silica
  • Limestone for FB boilers
  • Coal for FB Boilers