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Ramsey Series 17 Belt Scale System

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Thermo Scientific* Ramsey Series 17 Belt Scale System is specifically designed for plant and process operations that run at high rates of speed or require the better-than-normal accuracy of ±0.25%.

The conveyor belt scale monitors production output and inventory, regulates product loadout while providing vital information for effective management and efficient operation. The long weighbridge design allows this model to be offered as a highly accurate ±0.25% scale system. The longer weighbridge permits more scale-borne time, which minimizes alignment errors and translates into better accuracy. This belt scale system is available in a two or four-idler version.
Warranty and Service Offering: On factory-approved installations, we guarantee that the Ramsey Series 17 Belt Scale System will weigh and totalize to a value within ±0.25% of the test value when calibrated against a known test weight, chain, or our standard electronic calibration.
Certifications: ISO-9001 certified

Series 17 Belt Scale System
Weigh span Four-idler standard minimizes belt effects; Two-idler version optional for ±0.5% accuracy
Frictionless pivots Trunnion-type; Sealed units are completely impervious to vibration, moisture and material buildup
Weighbridge construction Rigid mechanical tube construction
Load cells Two super-precision strain gauge load cells mounted in tension for stability and reduction of misalignment errors
Total deflection Less than 0.127mm (0.005 in.)
Clearance requirements Fits any standard conveyor; No space required above belt line
Load Cells
Quantity Two in parallel
Enclosure Environmentally-protected "S" type cell
Mounting Tension
Excitation 10 VDC ±5%
Output 3 mV/V ±0.1%
Non-linearity <0.03% FS
Non-repeatability 0.01% FS
Hysteresis <0.02% FS
Operating temperature -54°C to +93°C (-65°F to +200°F)
Temperature sensitivity Span 0.0014% FS/°C (0.0008% FS/°F)

Zero 0.0027% FS/°C (0.0015% FS/°F)
Overload Safe to 150% of load cell capacity; Ultimate to 300% FS; Sideload 50% FS
Rating FM approved for Class II, Div 1 & 2, Groups E, F & G; NTEP Type III, 5000 Divisions; OIML R60
Ramsey 60-12 Digital Speed Sensor
Type Digital, brushless
Mounting Direct to 15.88mm (0.625 in) diameter stub shaft on tail pulley, bend pulley or return roll
Housing Weather-tight, epoxy finish, cast aluminum
Mounting Hardware supplied with coupling, restraint arm and restraint spring
Shipping weight 3.6 kg (8 lbs.)

Cat. No.Description
14359 Series 17 Belt Scale System