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iCON i150 Concentrator

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How It Works

The iCON Concentrator is designed to capture all heavy minerals including Gold, Silver and PGMs. It uses a centrifugal field to concentrate very fine, free minerals that are not recoverable using the traditional techniques of small scale and artisanal miners. The technology is based on the batch-type Falcon Concentrator and designed by the same Falcon engineers that design concentrators for the largest mines in the world.

In operation, material is fed as mixture of milled rock and water into a rotating bowl that includes special fluidized grooves or riffles to capture the heavies. Periodically, a rich concentrate is rinsed out that requires further upgrading to be turned into a final gold product.

Features that make the iCON Concentrator ideal for small scale applications include:

• Low machine weight
• Ease of Installation
• Only one moving part
• Use of wear components readily available in developing areas
• Rigid structure conducive to running at high speeds
• Low acquisition and operating costs
• A proven, robust and simple mechanical / electrical platform
• Efficient clean out
• High concentration ratios

iCON i150 Concentrator Specifications:

Solids Capacity 2t / h artisanal-solution3
Max Slurry Capacity 100 L / min
Concentrating Surface Area 968 cm²
G-Force Range 60-150 G’s
Machine Weight 115 kg
Motor Power 1.5 kW
Power Requirements 220V / 1PH / 50-60Hz
Process Water Requirements 17 L / min
Water Pressure Requirements 1.0 Bar
Dimensions 610 X 610 X 1193 mm